The OTT Historical Ranking

DISCLAIMER: As with all the Rankings, you will find more here soon!

The Open Tournament Tour Historical Ranking includes all tournaments officially recorded before the 2021/2022 season.
This ranking uses an adjusted point system and counts all placements of all teams with at least 2 tournament placements.

The Top10

RankFirst PlayerSecond PlayerRanking Points
1Jonas GengnagelAlexander Müller4700
2Andreas BraunStefan Braun2755
3Julius KortenhausLars Lehmann2270
4Tobias HorstmannPhilip Nicolai2015
5Enrico LohmannMartin Schwalenberg1855
6Michael JankeMatty Schneider1630
7Sebastian MartiniIsabell Stroben1085
8Philipp HeuserJulian Stiller900
9Lena KruppKarl Schlinger800
10Jochen PfeifferMatty Schneider760