Ranking Point System

The ranking point system used to determine all OTT Rankings is designed to rate and compare placements in Open Tournaments of all categories as accurately as possible.
It considers the amount of wins required for every tournament category, the increasing difficulty of withstanding pressure and exhaustion with every tournament stage, as well as the number of participants and the differences in match quality on sand versus other surfaces.

6 Star670450375300200135
5 Star515345290230155105
4 Star400270225180120
3 Star30020017013590
2 Star250170140115
1 Star17511510075
Ranking Points for tournaments not played on sand
6 Star850570475380255170
5 Star700470390315210140
4 Star535360300240160
3 Star440295245200135
2 Star340230190155
1 Star270180150120
Ranking Points for tournaments played entirely on sand

For the OTT Historical Ranking a modified ranking point system is used. This system accounts for inaccuracies in information and differences in tournament rules.

6 Star730490410330220145
5 Star640430360290195130
4 Star490330275220145
3 Star370250205170115
2 Star295200165135
1 Star20513511590
Ranking Points for historical tournaments

The Ranking Point Calculator

In case you want to participate in or organise an Open Tournament for which sand is only available in later stages, you can use this calculator to find out how many points are to be expected.

DISCLAMER: The Ranking Point Calculator is not yet online. You will find it here soon!